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They should be operated on clean, filtered compressed air, nitrogen or other inert gases at up to
150 PSI, and their speed can be varied by changing the supply pressure or flow rate.  Lubrication is
required except for Lube Free models.  Use an automatic inline-luber or periodic manual lubrication.
All units come with a removable mounting flange and "Drill" units also come with a precision .125" diameter collet.  Other
options include sealed output shafts and lube-free models.  They can be ordered in a "Right Hand" version (one air fitting,
rotates CCW as view from shaft end) or as a "Reversible" unit (with two air fittings, shaft rotates in either direction).
Drill Motors have 1/8"
diameter Collet (shown with
removable mounting flange)
Porting for "right
hand" versions
Note: "Right hand" versions have two small holes at the
rear of the motor, on either side of the 1/8" NPT air inlet
port.  These smaller holes exhaust air from the motor.  If
exhaust can not be tolerated in the vicinity of the motor,
then order the reversible version which has two 1/16"
NPT ports.  This allows exhaust to be piped away from
the motor area.  It also allows for use of a muffler for
quiet operating environments.  (Keep in mind that very
long exhaust lines of small diameter may cause back
pressure that can degrade performance.)  If there is any
doubt, we typically recommend the reversible MMR or
MMDR versions for added flexibility at the same price.

Running a reversible motor with the port marked "F" as
the inlet gives "right hand" rotation (CCW viewed from
the shaft end).  Running it with the port marked "R" as
the inlet provides left hand rotation but gives
approximately 20% less performance.
See chart below
Hundreds of thousands of these reliable motors are in use in
robotic, medical and industrial applications around the world
today with many of them still running smoothly after nearly 30
years of continuous use.  Stainless steel and aluminum
construction, precision ball bearings, a finely polished cylinder
bore, high quality hardened gears and thorough testing of
each unit ensure a rugged motor that runs smoothly and has
a long service life.  Different models have speeds ranging
from 1 RPM to 40,000 RPM and torques ranging from 2.8
in-oz to 1200 in-oz. The slower speed units have rugged,
built-in planetary gear boxes.
Pro-dex Micro Motors, Inc. manufactures a line of high quality mini air motors and drills.  Whether
you are looking for high speed or high torque, their 3/4" diameter and compact profile make
them ideal for squeezing into applications where space is at a premium.  These small rotary-
 vane air motors can be instantly reversed, will withstand repeated and prolonged stalling
     and are well suited for use in contaminated and wet environments. These motors
          run cool even under continuous full load and their spark-free operation makes
               them a common choice for use in explosive applications.
Please note: All torque/speed curves shown in the graphs below need to be
"adjusted" for maximum torque/speed shown in the Specification chart above.
(The chart above is correct, but the manufacturer has not yet published
adjusted data for the graphs below.)
Pro-Dex Micro Motor Specifications
(805) 461-3920