SeQual Workhorse - Oxygen Concentrator Systems (DISCONTINUED)
These units are a turn-key industrial oxygen solution - just plug them in and they are ready to
generate oxygen.  They supply dry oxygen at a concentration of 90-95% from ambient air using an
on-board compressor and
ATF technology.  Available in sizes ranging from 8 to 23 SCFH and in
various voltages.
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SeQual Quad - Oxygen Concentrator Subsystems
These industrial subsystem have no compressor.  Attach them to a compressed air supply and
plug them in.  They supply dry oxygen at a concentration of 90-95% from your compressed air
ATF technology.  Available in sizes ranging from 60 to 130 SCFH and in various voltages.
Pro-Dex Micro Motors, Inc.  Air Motors and Drills
Micro Motors, Inc. manufactures a line of high quality miniature air motors. Their 3/4" diameter
and compact profile makes them ideal for squeezing into applications where space is at a
premium.  They can be instantly reversed, will withstand repeated stalling and are well suited
for use in contaminated and wet environments.  Spark free operation makes them suitable for
use in explosive applications.  These units have built-in planetary gear boxes with speeds
ranging from 1 RPM to 40,000 RPM.
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SeQual ATF - Oxygen Concentrator Modules
These units are the heart of SeQual's ATF technology.  They are a basic building block component
that make it very simple to design your own industrial oxygen concentrator.  They produce dry oxygen
at a concentration of 90-95% from your compressed air.  Wire them to electrical power, supply them
with clean, regulated compressed air and they generate oxygen.    Available in sizes ranging from 8
to 32 SCFH and in various voltages.
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Compressed Air Powered Fans (DISCONTINUED)
Fans powered by air motors have the advantage of being intrinsically safer in damp, dusty or
explosive environments. Ideal for use in areas where you do not want to use electricity.  They
use compressed air for their energy source and run both cool and spark-free.  We currently
can NOT supply Tonson Inc. fans or Gast powered fans.
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Sprague: Gas Boosters and Liquid Pumps (formerly Teledyne, Curtiss Wright)
Sprague (a High Pressure Equipment Company, division of Graco) manufactures a line of positive-
displacement air driven pumps – both hydraulic and gas boosting versions.  Pumped media can
include gas, water, oil and most corrosive chemicals. These pumps are rugged, industry-proven,
virtually maintenance-free and are non-arcing and non-sparking making them a good option in
hazardous or confined areas.  Available in various liquid output pressures up to 36,000 psi and gas
pressures up to 13,000 psi.
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Gast Rotary Vane Air Motors fitted with Planetary Reducers
Our PV series has Gast rotary vane air motors mounted with planetary gearboxes.  These units
are compact, high torque, and light weight.  Two basic models have 3/4 hp or 1 1/2 hp motors
offered in ratios from 3:1 - 40:1 with speeds ranging from under 15 rpm up to 1000 rpm
(maximum torque from 6 ft-lbs to over 150 ft-lbs).  Special ratios available on request.  Cool
running, stall resistant and harsh-environment ready.
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AirSep - Oxygen Generator Systems
AirSep is a world leader in oxygen generation with many thousands of installations.  System range
from 12 SCFH up to many thousands of SCFH for whole plant oxygen supply.  They produce dry
oxygen at a concentration of up to 95.5% using PSA technology for applications in many industries.
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