Below is a photo gallery showing a few of the previous custom
machine projects we have built.  Most of the machines we design
are used in our customers' assembly processes or for quality
verification of their final products.
Assembly machine
This machine is used to assemble
delicate silicone components for
the medical device industry.   
Quality testing machine
This machine test regulators after
assembly for leakage, range, proper
regulation and then sets them to the
required specification.
Pressure testing machine
Fills valves with water and tests
them up to 900 PSI after assembly
for proper function and for leakage.  
Note: This machine use a Sprague
air driven intensifier pump to
achieve over 900 PSI water
pressure from shop air.
Controls for process oven
Used in the fabrication of
medical devices.
Assembly machine
This machine is used to
automatically pressurize a copper
cylinder then install a piston and
silver solder a fitting on the end
of the assembly.  The following
station checks the part for proper
pressurization and for leakage
and piston binding.
Machine tester for water regulators
One of the next machines taking
shape in 3D CAD.
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Function Testing Machine
This machine does 100% testing of
thermostatic valves after
completion to verify that they
respond properly to changes in
flow and temperature at their inlet
ports.  Besides checking them for
leaks, functional response and
adjustability range, it sets them to
their proper "factory" temperature
setting.  Note: this machine uses a
MicroMotor Inc. air motor for valve
temperature control adjustment
(seen at left side of picture).
Machine Photo Gallery
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