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AirSep Product Index
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Topaz Series

Self-contained, heavy duty
metal enclosure

6-10 LPM (12-21 SCFH)
9-20 psi
Onyx Series

Self-contained, polystyrene
enclosure, roller-base

6-10 LPM (12-21 SCFH)
9-20 psi
AS (Alpha-Series)

Microprocessor controlled,
automatic operation (requires
independent compressed air

20-5000+ SCFH
45-65 psi
Commercial products from AirSep are known for their quality construction and represent the most
complete line of PSA oxygen generators available with many thousands of installation around the world.

AirSep's smaller systems provide flexible solutions for applications that require a unit that only needs to
be plugged in to provide oxygen. These systems produce up to 95.5% oxygen concentration without
the use of a separate compressor.  Larger units, all the way up to over 5000 SCFH, are also available.