CD0030 Parker Balston Compressed Air Cabinet Dryer
CD0005 Parker Balston Compressed Air Cabinet Dryer
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For Cabinet
size (cu. ft.)
Compressed Air
Cabinet Dryers

● Designed specifically for wash down areas
● Protects electrical cabinet components from damage
caused by water and high humidity
● Minimizes pools of water inside cabinets
● Positive pressure keeps dust out
● Adds no heat to the cabinet
● Reduces cabinet humidity to less than 10% RH
● Requires no electricity, low operating costs
● Easy to install and maintain
● Quiet operation
● Protect motors, touch screens, drives and other critical
CD0010 Parker Balston Compressed Air Cabinet Dryer
1. Delivered dewpoint is specified for saturated inlet air at 100°F (38°C) and 100 psi (6.9 BAR).
2. If the cabinet is not tightly sealed, consider upsizing to the next module size.
3. Filtration efficiency: 99.99% at 0.01 micron.
4. For heavily contaminated air lines, install additional prefiltration.
Parker Balston Cabinet Dryers utilize hollow fiber
membrane technology to create a dry air purge without
the use of electricity or moving parts. They are designed
specifically for placement in wash down areas and will
eliminate electrical component failures, potentially saving
customers thousands of dollars in component costs and
process down time. The high efficiency coalescing
prefilter removes oil, dirt and water commonly found in
compressed air systems. The hollow fibers reduce the
dewpoint of the air to provide a clean, dry atmosphere inside
the electrical cabinet. Markets served include meat,
beverage, oil and gas, water & wastewater, and other
industrial installations. Parker CD Series dryers also create a
slight positive pressure to keep out unwanted dust found in
mines, bakeries, cement factories, foundries and other dusty
Parker Balston CD Series
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