On February 26th, 2020, Pro-Dex announced that, effective immediately, they have changed their
    standard lead time as well as their minimum order policy to all distributors.

    They increased standard lead time on all units to six weeks minimum.  We will try to minimize
    the effect of that change on standard MMR motors by increasing our stock levels so that they
    will be on hand in most cases. But for many non-MMR motors, and on all special orders, please
    be prepared for a 6-week lead time.

    They also increased the minimum order quantity to (5) pieces for any one SKU ordered by their
    distributors.  This should make little difference to your order of most standard MMR motors but will
    greatly impact special orders like Sealed motors and Lube Free motors.  It will also affect most
    MMF, MMD and MMDR series motors.  This means that in most cases we will NOT be able to
    take non-MMR orders or special orders (S, LF, NF or NL) unless the quantity is 3-4 units or

    If in doubt, please check with us by email.  We apologize for any inconvenience these unexpected
    changes cause you or your clients.