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System Features

• Environmentally friendly extraction process
• Ideal extraction process for natural oils and foods
• ATEX, FM and IECEx Certified supercritical CO2 extraction pump system
• Positive displacement CO2 extraction pump
• Designed specifically for CO2 circulation
• Recovers 100% of CO2 vapor when used with recovery tank cooling
• Pull vacuum back through the pump when evacuating a system
• Passes liquid condensation without damage
e710 Supercritical CO2 Extraction Pump System
(805) 461-3920
In response to the burgeoning market demand
for environmentally friendly extraction
processes for a wide range of natural oils and
foods, High Pressure Equipment Company has
developed the e710 supercritical CO2
extraction pump system. This ATEX, FM and
IECEx certified system features an electric
CO2 extraction pump specifically designed for
CO2 circulation to recover 100% of the CO2
vapor when used with recovery tank cooling.
The e710 offers a small footprint (17.0" x 20.4"
base x 58" high) with the electric motor
providing quiet operation.

HiP's patented pump/drive technology is the
industry's first high pressure electric pump
system that does not require an air
compressor and uses an explosion-proof
motor rated for C1D1 areas. The e710 pump
can provide a continuous 100% duty cycle for
24/7 operation with constant pressure or
constant flow control. The system is designed
to process liquid condensation without damage
and to pull vacuum back through the pump
when evacuating a system.
Electric Motor Features

• Explosion-proof motor rated for C1D1 areas
• Control technology drives the pump to a constant pressure or flow
• Three-phase and single-phase models available
• Continuous 100% duty cycle - run 24/7
• No air compressor needed
• Patented pump drive technology
• Stall under pressure without damage
• Start against full load and pressure
• No driving air used, cannot leak air into the system
• Maximum pumping pressure output and/or flow is adjustable
• No lubrication in the pump heads; no contamination of product
• Compliant with FM and IECEx standards for C1D1 motors
• Meets Class 1 Division 1 hazardous area requirements (when installed correctly)
• PLC control for remote operation
Pump Features

• Sizes: 145, 180, 220, 290 cc
• Packings: PTFE/UHMWPE
• Check Seat: Tungsten Carbide
• Check Ball: 440 SST
• Rod: 17-4 PH SST w/ Hard Chrome
• Cylinder: 304 SST w/ Hard Chrome
• Housings: 17-4 PH SST
Part#              Pump Size     VAC      Max PSI       Bar     Flow gpm     lpm

30H000              220CC         220         2,030         140         1.2             4.4
30H002              145CC         220         3,040         210         0.8             2.9
30H004              220CC         480         2,540         189         1.2             4.4
30H006              145CC         480         3,800         284         0.8             2.9