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Volume Pricing
We offer volume pricing on Sprague products as

1-2 units = List price
3-9 units = - 3%
10-24 units = -5%
>24 = call for quote.

List pricing will show when placing your order but the
discount will be applied when we process the order.
PT2020 Hydrostatic Programmable Pump Controller
Pick the pressure range you need.

* UK, EU, & AU Electrical cording also available.

For more info, send us an
• Industry-first automated controller for manual air-driven hydraulic pumps
• Automated pressure control for hydrostatic testing
• Plug’n play upgrade for any manufacture's pneumatic intensifier pump
• Five pressure classes: 10,000 psi • 25,000 psi, 40,000 psi • 60,000 psi • 75,000 psi
• Easy-to-use touch screen interface
• Programmable test parameters
• Store and re-use many different test configurations
• Simply setup test, (or select from memory), hit start and walk away
• Generates test certification reports
• Can be configured to run a second (fill) pump
PT2020 Controller
(805) 461-3920
High Pressure Equipment Company introduces
the first-of-its kind Automated Controller
System for air-driven high pressure hydraulic
pumps. The plug ’n play PT2020 is an easy-to-
use upgrade for any existing manual
pneumatic intensifier pump and is designed to
provide automated pressure control for a wide
range of hydrostatic testing. Operators simply
setup their test, press START and walk away…
the PT2020 will automatically run the test, give
a pass/fail reading and generate a test
certification report.
Part#           Kpsi        Cordset*        Cost

25N950         10               US               $7,800  
25N951         25               US               $8,000
25N952         40               US               $8,200
25N953         60               US               $8,500
25N954         75               US               $8,900