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PT2020 Hydrostatic Programmable Pump Controller
Pick the pressure range you need.

* UK, EU, & AU Electrical cording also available.

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• Industry-first automated controller for manual air-driven hydraulic pumps
• Automated pressure control for hydrostatic testing
• Plug’n play upgrade for any manufacturer's pneumatic intensifier pump
• Five pressure classes: 10,000 psi • 25,000 psi
40,000 psi • 60,000 psi • 75,000 psi
• Easy-to-use touch screen interface
• Programmable test parameters
• Store and re-use many different test configurations
• Simply setup test, (or select from memory), hit "Start" and walk away
• Generates test certification reports
• Can be configured to run a second (fill) pump
PT2020 Controller
(805) 461-3920
High Pressure Equipment Company introduces
the first-of-its kind Automated Controller
System for air-driven high pressure hydraulic
pumps. The plug ’n play PT2020 is an easy-to-
use upgrade for any existing manual
pneumatic intensifier pump and is designed to
provide automated pressure control for a wide
range of hydrostatic testing. Operators simply
setup their test, press START and walk away…
the PT2020 will automatically run the test, give
a pass/fail reading and generate a test
certification report.
Part#           Kpsi        Cordset*        Cost

25N950         10               US               $8,034  
25N951         25               US               $8,240
25N952         40               US               $8,446
25N953         60               US               $8,755
25N954         75               US               $9,167